Hello world!

Everyone has to start somewhere right? One of the hardest things about making a blog is starting one. The second hardest thing is to actually  keep it going and stay motivated. I had a blog last year that did pretty well for itself, but I got caught up with life and just didn’t really think it was anything worth reading. My friends seemed to believe differently.  Real friends only want the best from you and often times see the potential in you that you never knew existed. I’ve been blessed enough to gain a few of these people in my life and from here on out they won’t allow me to come up with any excuses when it comes to my writing. They don’t care how awful I may think it sounds, because I can only get better from here right?

As life would have it we all needed to seriously get out of the city for a little bit. We were all stressing from either work, matters of the heart, or both. The closest place that we could think of to get away was Daytona Beach. Now granted, it may not have been the beaches of Miami that I’m used to but,  it was still our little escape to paradise. It’s crazy how a little salt water and ocean breeze can make you forget the world so quickly. Literally the minute we got  out of the car and onto the dock we all breathed an involuntary sigh of relief.

My friend Jay suggested that we go to this restaurant on the dock that he knew. It was just the thing that we needed. The food was great, service friendly, and the view was absolutely serene. So here are a few shots of our little 24hr Vacay.

It’s always great to have such good people around to help you through the tough times. The only thing that I would have changed about that day would have been not forgetting to bring our bathing suits. The water was so perfect that day. Not too cold or too warm, just right. I would highly suggest taking a day and just getting out of your home city or town with a great group of friends on your next day off. It does wonders for getting rid of stress and helping to recharge you mentally and emotionally.

Happy blogging!


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