Urban Nights

I opted to slow down last night and get some much-needed work done instead of going out in the city. Unfortunately,the WordPress App and I had a bit of disagreement on the matter. Nonetheless the Urban Outfitter and Lomography party was pretty cool.
As expected there was an eclectic crowd of people. Everything from your usual hipsters to the college nerds just looking for what’s happening tonight. I was able to snap a few photos before the drinks got into my system and distracted me entirely. The DJ was on point that night and as I looked around I realized not a single could refrain from bobbing or your ever discrete finger tapping.
As expected New York City has a great night life and something for everyone. I’ve been to a few bars and clubs now and have never been disappointed by the music, the setup on the other hand is a different story. Goes to show that no matter how great the music and drinks are, ambiance is everything. And I think the Lomography store was the perfect setup for the party. I hate to say it, but it had the classic hipster vibe written all over it. Kinda hard to deny it, when you look around and notice the retro vibe from the old school photos, Ray Ban glasses, grandfather cardigans, and high-waisted everything.  All in all it was just another Urban night in the city. On the plus side, I was able to do some networking and meet some pretty interesting people and got a cute little gift for my best friend. These cameras are a perfect gift idea for friends that are obsessed with Instagram and all those photography apps. 
Anyhow, I’ll be sure to post the pics from the other bars/clubs that I actually remembered to take photos of for you. Also, I’m almost done with the update post and should be sending them out this week. I’ll be posting them at work of course, I think I’ll use the app for quick short post only. I would hate for it to have to actually be useful and turn out a post as expected. 
Much love,
Kay W.