Run for Goodness Sake!

I like running. It’s something that has slowly become apart of my life and helped me to achieve a few fitness goals. Lately, I have been in a bit of a running slum. It’s getting progressively harder to lace up and pound the pavement.  This year, ninety percent of my runs have been on a treadmill. Which would explain why it has become increasingly difficult to run at the parks.

The gym membership was great for when it was cold, or raining, or at a late hour after work. And the treadmill was a convenient place to run because I work in the city, which is far from home, but my gym membership soon became my excuse for any major outdoor activity. The gym became my safe haven, not for convenience or reliability, but because of comfort.

I have read countless articles about people who run through every climate imaginable. The only difference between them and myself, is  they have a purpose that drives them to push through discomfort. My fear of looking ridiculous is where my discomfort lies. It’s why if I do ever run outside, it’s through a park or on trails in the woods. Where the only thing that can see me huffing and puffing every mile are the little woodland creatures and other runners who are too absorbed in the war of  man versus distance.

This fear has been keeping me from my full potential of being the runner that I have always inspired to be. I envied runners for their amazing bodies, look of purpose when in motion, and athletic abilities. I’m from a family of athletes. I’m an only girl and all my brothers play basketball plus another sport. My father has been playing soccer since diapers in Jamaica and my mother played Netball for her school. And even all of these reasons couldn’t get me to run a lap around my own block.

So I’m biting the bullet. I have signed up for a 10K race. Not just any race, but one that is for charity. If there’s anything that would put fire to my heels, it’s a charity. Now, not only am I running for my own personal development, but for benefit of others. Not to mention I find it hard not to stick to something that I’m paying for.  I’m challenging myself to run 3-4 times a week outside leading up to the race which is in a little less than three weeks. Running outside is MANDATORY, especially since the race is around Prospect Park and the treadmill just isn’t gonna cut it.


Here’s a clip for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon NYC, which is the race that I’ve signed up for.


And on that note, off for my first morning run of the challenge.

Keep challenging yourself,


PS.  Any running tips or advise on running a 10K in an hour would be greatly appreciated!!

Kay Wanderz


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