Miami, It’s Been Fun

So like I promised here are a few shots I got while home in Miami. Just a quick warning, these were all done on my phone at very random times. So they  may not be the best shots, but you get the essence of what I’m trying to capture at the time. Nothing but blue skies and a chill vibe. And the endless beach of course!

Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Miami Sunset While Driving

Miami Sunset While Driving

Miami Beach

Summer on Miami Beach

Miami Beach Empty

Empty Miami Beach in the morning

Miami Beach from the Airplane

Miami Beach from the Airplane

Sorry if most of the shots are at the beach. It’s just that I can’t help but go to the beach every time I’m back home. The beach is my place of solace. Something about the sound of the ocean, surrounded by cool blue water, and the rhythmic waves always puts me a trance. It was a lovely getaway, but it’s time to head back to work and back to the New York grind.

See you back in New York,

Kay Wanderz


Still Adjusting

I’m finally in the city that I’ve always dreamed of, working towards my dream job, and pursuing the life that I’ve always dreamed of having. So why such a terrible case of writer’s block and an undeniable spirit of procrastination?

Unfortunately, this is the reason for my absence from blogging. I’ve been living in New York for about a month now and have only applied to a handful of writing jobs and haven’t blogged a single bit (until now of course). Luckily, I have friends who are just as stubborn as me and wouldn’t stop badgering me about blogging again until I actually posted something.

So I left the house today determined to find inspiration and resume blogging.



The weather today was too perfect to spend it all in a building and I was in need of a little nature. Since I currently work right across the street from Central Park, I thought I’d set out to a new one. And since I didn’t want to journey all the way to Brooklyn( coming from Queens), I settled for the still very well-known Bryant Park.

And would you believe it?! A little good weather, sunshine, and eclectic crowd of people really did help get me out of my rut. I definitely need to walk around and just take in the city more often. There’s a reason why the people here inspire such unforgettable characters. 20120829-171338.jpg


And because I’m a bookworm, I had to head over to the infamous New York Public Library. You can’t help but be inspired when you’re surrounded by so many great works of Literature. Libraries tend to have an ambiance of creativity and purpose to me. It’s almost impossible to not be productive when I’m in one, much less in the same five-mile radius of one.

Consider this a prequel of my ‘Updates’ post that I’m working on. New York is everything that I thought it would be and then some. If you thought I wasn’t posting because of the lack of inspiration, you’ll find yourself terribly mistaken. If anything, this city has not only been inspirational, but deviously distracting as well. For instance, I got an invite to an Urban Outfitters Party tomorrow which I know will be a blast. Sounds great, and it is, but I must inform you that I have to head over right after a 9hr shift. The party doesn’t end till to 10/11pm, it’s an hour commute to get home, I have work 7am the next morning, and I must be up by 5am.

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings for now. The overpowering grumbles from my stomach are starting to distract the fellow library goers and myself. I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on the shenanigans that I’ve gotten into so far in the next post.

Distractedly yours,


PS. I’m posting from an App on my phone, because I still don’t have Internet at home. Not quite sure how this looks on a computer and I apologize if it looks a bit off!

How to Make It in America?

Are you tryna make it like the rest of us??

We’re all tryna make it somehow. Everyday we get up, do our routines, and prepare ourselves for the day ahead of us. Whether we are off to work, school, or whatever it is that you tend to do with your day. I’m pretty sure it’s all towards trying to achieve something, right?

Here are a group of guys, like you and I, just trying to make it. Ben and Cam are best friends hustling their way to the rich and famous life style that they’ve always dreamed. The only difference between them and I, is that they’re actually working hard and taking risks to achieve their dream. We all have dreams, but have different ways of wanting to achieve them. I have started applying for writing jobs/internships again. This is a pretty big deal for me, because I have always thought that I would be working in the Medical Field. That’s what I’ve been pushed to do, all the while ignoring my true passion for writing and telling stories. Kinda like the main character Ben, who’s an amazing artist/designer, but no matter what hustle he tries to do, the artist in him just keeps resurfacing. The thing is, art/designing is his niche and working in retail or a regular 9-5 cubicle was just not gonna cut it for him.

I realized that it’s only by getting out of your comfort zone will you be able to bring your niche out of hiding. Not everyone is the same, so not every niche can be coaxed out the same way. Some people, like one of my best friends for example always knew what her niche was. She has been drawing most of her life and took the risk of going to her dream Ivy League school and getting her BA in Interior Design. Her risk of going there against all odds has gotten her an amazing internship in Japan.

On the other hand, there is me. I like to write and have been doing so most of my life, but I’m still uncertain if that’s my niche. I’ve taken a couple of great risks over the past year that has led me to London, a few concerts, and an awesome job. Those are great and all, but even those risks were a bit safe.  I’ve risked everything else in my life, but writing. It’s about time that I really risked it. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to quit their day job and gamble on their dream like Ben, so I’m gonna keep mine while making a few gambles on the side. All I know is that I am finally ready to gamble in hopes of making it. So I’m looking for my niche and seeing if it’s worth the risk.

Just trying to Make It in America on my own terms, doing what I love. After all, isn’t that what we all wish for.

Don’t Stop Trying,


Hello world!

Everyone has to start somewhere right? One of the hardest things about making a blog is starting one. The second hardest thing is to actually  keep it going and stay motivated. I had a blog last year that did pretty well for itself, but I got caught up with life and just didn’t really think it was anything worth reading. My friends seemed to believe differently.  Real friends only want the best from you and often times see the potential in you that you never knew existed. I’ve been blessed enough to gain a few of these people in my life and from here on out they won’t allow me to come up with any excuses when it comes to my writing. They don’t care how awful I may think it sounds, because I can only get better from here right?

As life would have it we all needed to seriously get out of the city for a little bit. We were all stressing from either work, matters of the heart, or both. The closest place that we could think of to get away was Daytona Beach. Now granted, it may not have been the beaches of Miami that I’m used to but,  it was still our little escape to paradise. It’s crazy how a little salt water and ocean breeze can make you forget the world so quickly. Literally the minute we got  out of the car and onto the dock we all breathed an involuntary sigh of relief.

My friend Jay suggested that we go to this restaurant on the dock that he knew. It was just the thing that we needed. The food was great, service friendly, and the view was absolutely serene. So here are a few shots of our little 24hr Vacay.

It’s always great to have such good people around to help you through the tough times. The only thing that I would have changed about that day would have been not forgetting to bring our bathing suits. The water was so perfect that day. Not too cold or too warm, just right. I would highly suggest taking a day and just getting out of your home city or town with a great group of friends on your next day off. It does wonders for getting rid of stress and helping to recharge you mentally and emotionally.

Happy blogging!